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Careerminds Group, Inc. (Careerminds) provides strategic solutions to organizations seeking affordable, web-based outplacement services. Using a Web 2.0 e-learning platform that delivers online career transition services, Careerminds provides a high-tech and high-touch blend of on-demand career transition education supported by senior-level career consultants to help displaced workers reenter the workforce quickly.

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Core Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is an emerging leader in providing Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR) software to the behavioral healthcare industry. The company offers a comprehensive EMR/EHR product suite for behavioral healthcare providers that automate the collection, processing and analysis of administrative, financial and clinical client information. CSI’s products have a proven track record for improving inaccurate billing systems and poor record-keeping while facilitating government and industry compliance for clinical documentation.

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Maverick Network Solutions, Inc. (Maverick) provides Advanced Payment Solutions to a variety of business-to-business markets with a particular focus on high potential emerging product categories that require custom designed solutions. Maverick’s solutions harness the power of national card networks such as MasterCard, Visa and STAR to allow corporate America to connect in new and innovative ways to their customers, employees and partners. These prepaid card solutions help corporations obtain new customers, increase customer loyalty, increase sales, distribute funds, reduce expenses and obtain valuable customer data. Maverick’s products include payroll cards, pharmaceutical cards, reward cards, cash disbursement cards, and a number of other unique products. Maverick was acquired by Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq: FISV) in February 2011.

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Orpheus Media Research, Inc. ("OMR") is an advanced music research and development company that automates the search, analysis and discovery of commercial-use music through its flagship product, Myna. Myna is the only pure music-to-music search and discovery platform that uses music to find music, producing higher quality matches and analyzing music faster than existing keyword search technology. Myna is primarily targeted to production libraries, music aggregators, and online music streaming services where high quality searches of large catalogs are critical. The break-through technology behind Myna's analysis, search, and comparison has been peer-reviewed, published, and presented at prestigious international academic forums including the 2008 International Computer Music Conference (Queen's University, Belfast); the Institute for Software Integrated Systems, the research arm of the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University; and the Music and Audio Research Laboratory at NYU, among others.

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Orbius's social media platform brings together individuals to provide a convenient and effective way to create and share information across an unlimited number of online social communities. The Orbius intelligent marketing toolset enables businesses to interact with customers in order to foster deeper relationships that facilitate the flow of reliable, unbiased and actionable information or feedback. Orbius was acquired by beyond.com in October 2010.

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Videolicious enables brands to delight customers with professional quality, personalized videos at scale. The patented Videolicious video automation makes video creation high quality, fast, scalable, and provides patented data-driven insights.

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Weather Trends International (WTI) is the global leader of actionable year-ahead business weather guidance for retailers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural firms, financial analysts and the movie industry. Clients of WTI include some of the world’s most respected and successful companies like Wal-Mart, ASDA, Target, Kohl’s, Calypso, Reckitt Benckiser, Town Shoes, Sherwin-Williams, AutoZone, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, SC Johnson, JP Morgan, Agway, Hershey’s and over a hundred others. WTI’s business centric weather solutions and understanding of how consumers respond to the weather is used throughout organizations to help "manage the weather risk." WTI's proprietary forecasting technology provides its clients a year ahead weather forecast with business strategy recommendations by market, by week for 52,000+ locations in 195 countries.

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Wheelhouse Analytics provides SaaS based solutions to help financial product distributors and manufacturers be more productive.